Entering your vehicle in the sale is simple, our auctions are not closed or by invitation only, nor do you need to reserve a place, simply decide which sale is most convenient for you to attend.

Whether you are new to auctions or a veteran, our trained staff are there to help you and answer any questions you may have on any aspect of the sale – there are no secrets! If there is anything you are unsure about just ask any of the counter staff at reception.

Set out below is a brief description of the procedure to enter your vehicle into the sale.

You may bring the vehicle on the day of the sale, or the day before, bringing any applicable documents for the vehicle. (Where no documents are available you will need to provide a receipt as proof of ownership, or three forms of identification.) Fill out an entry form at reception and hand it to a member of staff who will check the form with you to ensure it is correctly described and to ensure that you understand any relevant conditions.

You may use the disclaimer ‘sold as seen’ where it is up to the prospective buyer to determine the vehicles condition or value. If your vehicle is under five years old you may wish to sell it with ‘no major mechanical faults’ allowing the buyer one hour after the sale to confirm this.

Either way our auctioneers can draw attention to any special feature you describe on the entry form.

The entry fee is £25.00 per sale inclusive of V.A.T. Our commission is 10% of the sale price plus V.A.T. or a minimum of £30.00 plus V.A.T. which ever is the greater.