Stoodley Vehicle Auctions are open to the general public and have excellent on site facilities including our air conditioned auction hall and cafe. Giving you peace of mind all our vehicles are covered by our indemnity scheme, protecting you against stolen vehicles, hire purchase, write off history, etc..

Whether you are new to auctions or a veteran, our trained staff are there to help and answer any questions you may have on any aspect of the sale, there are no secrets! Displayed notices are there to advise you further. If in doubt please ask first.

Our procedures are quite straightforward, from the rostrum, the auctioneer provides a brief description of the vehicle currently being offered for sale, and begins to invite bids from the audience. He will accept bids from those interested in buying the vehicle until the final highest bid has been made. At this point the auctioneer will state whether the final bid was an outright sale, which means the bidding reached or exceeded the minimum amount the vendor will accept (this is called the reserve price) or if the bid made was a provisional sale which means the bid was below the reserve price.

In the case of a provisional sale we will negotiate with the vendor on the bidders behalf to see if the bid is acceptable, provisional sales may require the bidder to ‘stand on’ his bid until 5pm the next working day for acceptance of his bid. The vendor may accept the bid, in which case the vehicle is considered sold, or he may ask the bidder to increase his bid. The bidder then has the option to increase or not increase his bid. If no increase is made the vendor has to decide whether to sell the vehicle or to re offer the vehicle at the next sale. If the provisional sale is not converted to a sale the bidder will then have his deposit returned. Sold vehicles must be paid for within 24 hours, payment may be made by cash, debit card or bankers draft. Sorry we cannot accept personal cheques unless you have an account with us.
All vehicles carry an indemnity charge for your peace of mind.

Cash – 5%
Debit Card – Free
Bankers Draft – Free
Bank Transfer – Free (applies to same day transfers only)

Whether buying or selling contact the auction manager on

0161 223 3882 or

we will be happy to answer any questions